Under the sun of Mallorca

Relaxation & Look at the Finca Agrotourismo
Sa Boleda!

Casual Chic in Santa Margalida

From the beginning of April, I spent a long weekend of 4 days in Mallorca. It was my first stay in the Balearic Islands, and I am not disappointed.

The very Mediterranean landscape is beautiful, the nature, this spring was extremely green and the sun was at the rendezvous! The advantage of leaving out of season is that there are a lot fewer people than summer (the island is then invaded by German holidaymakers) and the heat is not stifling as in the middle of the month of August.

I stayed in the beautiful town of Santa Margalida in the north of the island. Being on an island allows you to travel from north to south or from east to west in less than an hour.

In all the Balearic Islands, you will find houses for rent under the concept of “Agrotourismo”, a form of sustainable tourism in agricultural circles that allows to travel “green”. The Agrotourismo allows to reconnect with nature and spend a pleasant “out-of-time” stay.

I lived at the Finca Sa Boleda, a typical pretty old house of a agricultural and livestock farm (more than 70 hectares dedicated to the production of cereals and sheep) but with all the modern conveniences and a superb exterior: swimming pool , terrace, kitchen & summer lounge.

La Finca Sa Boleda has a privileged location, north of Mallorca, just 5 km from the beautiful beaches of Alcudia Bay and at the top of a promontory with magnificent views.

Monki shirt dress - Sezane bag - Birkenstock sandals
Monki shirt dress - Sezane bag - Birkenstock sandals

The sunny weather made me want to inaugurate my new Monki shirt dress. I find shirt dresses extremely practical in the summer, we are immediately casual chic but effortless!

It is striped and that’s good there is nothing more trendy than stripes this summer :). She has just the right length, she reveals my legs elegantly.


The terrace with swimming pool was the ideal place for my photos. It was a bit early in the summer, unfortunately the water was still too cool to be able to swim (I assure you I tried … and gave up :)).

It was also an opportunity to show you my new haircut. Want to change & hair too damaged, I said we cut everything!

Monki shirt dress - &otherstories Earrings - Monsieur Paris necklace - Prada sunglasses - Clinique lipstick
Monki shirt dress - &otherstories Earrings - Monsieur Paris necklace - Prada sunglasses - Clinique lipstick

To be worth my new haircut, I wear a CLINIQUE Chuby stick “two ton tomato”, unfortunately they stopped producing this shade. Miracle, I found at the duty free airport of Palma de Mallorca !!

With this look, I inaugurate my new bag “Tiger” sezane, a classic chic but with a twist of colors and more.

At the feet, my essential comfort of summer: Birkenstock! These are more original what classics, pink powdered with nails, it rocks : p

To the ears, my favorite hoop earrings, &otherstories of course!

On the neck, my lucky necklace “Manuela” by Monsieur paris.

On the nose, my favorite classic and modern sunglasses, from prada.

Sezane bag - Prada sunglasses
Sezane bag - Prada sunglasses
Birkenstock sandals
Birkenstock sandals
Sezane bag - Birkenstock sandals
Sezane bag - Birkenstock sandals

In Travel then City Guides, I give you some nice address on Mallorca 🙂

Relaxation & Look at the Finca Agrotourismo Sa Boleda : Casual Chic in Santa Margalida.

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