« … a brand of quality, carefully made in France, with a design that is both « trendy and timeless », a designer brand « Parisienne » but Plus-size, from 42 to 54! »

« The A&LY brand is born from a desire to create fashion pieces in which curvy women feel beautiful and stylish and a finding, the offer in the Plus-size fashion market is extremely thin as soon as you look for trendy « designer » pieces or « French » fashion pieces.

I imagined a brand of quality, made with care in France, with a design that is both « trendy and timeless », a designer brand “Parisienne” but Plus-size, from 42 to 54!

A&LY pieces are made with love by choosing quality materials & cuts adapted to generous shapes.

My brand as my blog is called A&LY, the acronym for my favorite mantra « Accept & Love Yourself ». Fashion is a great vector of self-confidence, it helps us to accept ourselves as we are and to love ourselves, essential to be able to be good in your life and dare I say to be happy. »


Fanny Maurel
Creator of A&LY


Each season, A&LY will present you a capsule look, made in France (Paris), either a bottom and a top, or a dress, a jacket and an accessory … The style “trend” will be the watchword of each A&LY look.

A new season will be an appointment, the opportunity to present a new exclusive look in the air of time inspired by design, fashion, culture, travel …

To realize a capsule look, is to draw my vision of the fashion, to look for the good materials, to collaborate with modeller and workshops of confection with the know-how in order to offer you beautiful « trendy » creations.


In parallel with the « capsule look”, you will find on the e-shop my essentials: T-shirt, pocket, accessories … in short, the basics of the wardrobe with a little twist and more!

Throughout the year, new essentials will appear regularly on the eshop.