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Redecorate your living room

What is bohemian: velvet, carpets, sheepskin, …
What is scandinavian: plaids, 60’s design, chairs with beautiful lines, …


At this moment, I have desires to redecorate my little Parisian apartment and more particularly my living room.
Well of course before all that we would have to tidy up, sort and empty … in short we are not there!
So, I thought you might be interested in seeing my inspirations deco.

The first step was to tell me what style I wanted to give to my living room? There I have not thought too much, bohemian and scandinavian of course! I can imagine a living room both stylish with beautiful lines and bohemian enough to be a coocooning place.

Bohemian x Scandinavian inspiration

What is bohemian: velvet, carpets, sheepskin, …
What is scandinavian: plaids, 60’s design, chairs with beautiful lines, …
What binds them: nature> natural materials, flowers, wood …


With my friend Pinterest, I made you a moodboard or trend board.
I have defined a very trendy color palette in autumn 2018, with contrasting shades that fit well.

As in fashion, to raise a decor, do not hesitate to mix the materials and to have some parts / strong objects to give pep’s.

Moodboard inspiration bohème x scandinave


With my moodboard, I went shopping, finally online tracking “oriented” 🙂 to prepare a list of products to shop inspiration Bohemian x Scandinavian. You will find more or less expensive objects and different brands of decoration. (yes I am addict to sofas !!! : p)

Feel free to click on the links in the text under the photos to see the product more closely 😉

Deco Objects Selection

7. IKEA – Ludde peau de mouton

8. Le Petit Florilège – Panier en jonc de mer

9. Urban Outfitters – Coussin noir et blanc motif losange

10. Maison Nordik – Sculpture “oursins” de “Curtis Jere”

🙂 As this sculpture is very expensive but very beautiful, I found you sea urchins Pols Potten – small and large sold individually at a very reasonable price around 30 € on
All you have to do is buy some of different sizes and fix them on your wall in the manner of the sculpture!

11. – Design House Stockholm, Coussin Knot rose

12. Maison Nordik – Klippan – Plaids “Samba” 100% laine

Photo credits: © Pinterest and Brands linked in the article.

Write you soon for a future decoration article!

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