Rapsody in black & white

Partition of the T-shirt dress

Composition in sneakers

Visiting my sister in Montpellier, the opportunity for me to give you my favorite places in Montpellier in a future article & make some pictures of look of course!

My rhapsody is in black and white, symbolic of the play of light between shadows and summer sun !

I chose a partition in an aSOS Curve black T-shirt dress, nothing more quick to put on the summer! But it’s not about any T-shirt dress please, this one is embellished with lace in the bottom third of the dress. This lace brings fancy a very basic t-shirt dress and I like the game of transparency with the legs. It reveals a little but not too much 😉 .

To make this outfit more trendy, I added a MONKI oversized jacket in off-white jean.
It’s super comfortable and can compose a lot of different looks! These 2 big pockets are a plus, if like me you always end up having a lot of stuff in your hands 🙂 .

This dress T-shirt with jacket is composed in sneakers. And yes, I told you I’m a fan of stan smith ADIDAS, I have to fight not to put them too often (fierce struggle in winter;)). 

These are gray on the back and agree perfectly to my rhapsody in black & white. They give a modern touch to my look and rock & rap my T-shirt dress. In my stan smith, my favorite socks UNIQLO transparent and squared, they have this fun & modern touch that I love !! (Passion socks: sequined, transparent, printed fun … so many possibilities;)).

The risk of wearing lace is to fall into the gnangnan too girly and there in zero risk sneakers!

You may have noticed, I wear a red that illuminates my face, it is a matte liquid lipstick NARS and the color Do not stop. This red can hold hours, it is incredible but you must not be shy to wear it – it catches the eye !!

A small new accessory, the jumper necklace “Alexandre” of  SeZANE, I cracked on it because it looks a lot like one of my old necklaces that has deteriorated a lot. He also had this range of small pale gold I love! (It’s not pale?! sticks ?? 😉 ).

To finish this look, my eternal LE SELLIER leather bag and PRADA sunglasses.

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