Panama look

Summer look

To be trendy in caftan dress

In heavy heat, the caftan dress is the light and easy to put on dress, it becomes trendy with some well chosen accessories 😉

I present you my second really summer look. So yes it is mainly black but who said that the black was not cool even in summer (No I assure you it’s not hotter than another color when it is 30 °, it all depends on the material!)

I think I already told you my love for Monki this trendy brand, cheap and who has the good idea to always have oversized pieces in its collections! This dress caftan is a classic at Monki, they redo this form every summer and it is great. I have this dress in black and printed with tropical leaves and they are part of my list of the best purchases ever made 🙂

In heavy heat, the caftan dress is the light and easy to put on dress, it becomes trendy with some well chosen accessories 😉

This dress is tied at the waist which allows to give it more shape (A us too: p) and a nice drape. I love his V neckline in front and back and these wide sleeves very pleasant in summer.

She is also slit in front 😉 Good as I am tall and I did not want to reveal my panties during a Parisian draft, I just made a sewing point provided the slot does not open not too high!

I think you’ve already seen my props in my previous articles, so I’ll be brief 😉

  • HEADICT panama hat (few years old)
  • Earrings (my favorite) and ring, from where I ask you the question? &otherstories of course, you do not start to know me 🙂
  • Round bag made of straw, my precious this season, &otherstories (I hesitate to buy it a second one because it already starts to wear a little … well yes I do not leave it anymore)
  • MONSIEUR PARIS Necklace (his nickname “stay at my neck” ahahahah)
  • BIRKENSTOCK black patent sandals
    (good oldies!) With my twisted ankle, I did not really have the choice of shoes 🙁 Anyway, with the hot weather there is nothing better than BIRKENSTOCK when you have sensitive feet.
  • prada sunglasses

For my beauty, a skin that does not tan and remains white as porcelain even in summer : p
As long as you do not burn like a tomato in full sun (very inspired tonight, forgive my prose)

More seriously, I wear a NARS lipstick, it is a dull liquid, the color is “Don’t stop”.
This red can hold hours, it’s incredibly bright and flashy 🙂

We find ourselves very quickly for another summer look 🙂 By then, get well & enjoy the summer !!!

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