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Summer look

Bohemian dress with English embroidery

This is the first really summer look that I present, I choose a dress in English embroidery with bohemian accessories.

Robe Lost Ink (Asos Curve) - Panama Headict - Chaussures Chie Mihara - Bandeau et Panier &otherstories

This new look was photographed by 35 ° under a blazing sun, as much to tell you that to have photos where I do not grimace without glasses it was a real challenge!
This is the first really summer look that I present, I chose a dress in English embroidery with bohemian accessories.

My dress in English embroidery LOST INK was bought on Asos Curve, I think it is rather well cut, its straight shape with its chest panels fit me perfectly. I also like the perfect length of the sleeves, shorter I think it does not put me too much value. In short, the dress suits my morphology, you validate?

This dress is quite low-cut, a few years ago I would not have dared to wear it for fear of having too much insistent glances. Today, I dress above all for me and the main thing is that I feel comfortable in what I wear! And then with the habit of wearing more necklines we assume more and we ask less or more questions. Our body belongs to us, take possession of it 🙂

Chaussures Chie Mihara - Panier &otherstories - Lunettes de soleil Root

With my English embroidered dress, I associated my bohemian accessories namely my round basket &otherstories that I have not left for weeks. It’s pretty, practical, trendy, summery summer I love it ♡.
My headband scarf with floral print also comes from &otherstories, it is convenient to wear since already crossed on the front with a rubber band at the back, it remains only to position it well on her head 😉
At my feet my sandals color brick chie mihara, I find them beautiful although I managed to sprain me by falling with (Note dump to myself: Stop being in the moon, to lose the balance and fall like Bambi in public)

It can also be associated with this look a beautiful Panama style hat, mine has already been several years behind him and comes from the online site HEADICT. I like its shape and openwork details, it dresses any summer outfit. My drama is that I love hats but I can not put those one size because I have a big head! (AND yes, but do not think I have the melon so far, rotten humor, I’m going out)
I do not present you my choker or my rings from MONSIEUR PARIS (I did not lie to you, I only remove them to sleep 😉 )
I wear ear tags &otherstories – unfortunately they are too small to be visible on the pictures. (If you get to see them, let me know)
Finally my ROOT wood sunglasses finish the “bobo” side of my look! The glasses do not protect much of the sun but I love their eco design style.

This bohemian look was the first of a series of 4 summer looks, very quickly 🙂

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