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How to combine style & curves or how to learn to love yourself?


When I started thinking seriously about creating this blog, it was obvious that fashion would be a key topic and at the heart of it: how to combine style & curves?

Many doubts, many questions arose, Would I assume to publish pictures of me – all roundness? Would I accept myself in photos and free myself from the eyes of others? And more importantly, would my looks please you?

I want to stay myself and I hope to get there on this blog, so you will find more easily bohemian & trendy casual looks that look very chic & chic.

How to combine style & curves or how to learn to love yourself?

Since childhood, fashion has always fascinated me: dress my dolls, make fashion for my barbies, inspire me in Elle magazine, draw looks and innovate in my outfits (I do not tell you the heads of my friends when I arrived in total modern hippie look in high school with embroidered hat and bindy between the eyes!)

With the thirties, I think I have found my style and especially found myself through the clothes. Despite the weight, despite my weight recovery in recent years I have never stopped wanting to get dressed and have style. I think that this taste for fashion has allowed me to learn to love myself and to accept myself as I am. We all need it, self-acceptance leads to love and claim to be unique and desirable. (Master Yoda spoke)

I will not lie to you, accepting me has not been a long quiet river. By dint of self-hatred, dieting, self-destruction, I ended up leaving my demons out and learned to be kind to myself, to love myself against all or all.

Grossophobia is a word that means not much unless you have suffered from it.
But being different in a general way brings suffering.

We live today in a world that would like everyone to be in the same mold and looks alike, what sadness!

Doing everything to get into the norm, to be loved and to accept others is unfortunately not enough and far from being a successful company.

Learning to be your best friend is not easy, and yet I think it’s the key to getting out of the diktats of our society and living life to the full.

It is not always easy to get dressed as you wish as soon as you go beyond the 44/46, you have to like searching the net and remote control … often send back because it does not correspond to the image of the web site, nor its morphology, because the quality is poor and often look envious brands that do not make Plus size and despair time of frustration sartorial, despair of not being able to find what you want.

Fashion finally is just as much as anything, but for me it is my armor, my friend, it is the mirror that I refer to others and I prefer that it is in adequacy with what I am. Follow the trend … yes if she likes you if she represents you. Fashion at all costs, excessive or no overdose! With values, yes! Fashion for all, yes yes!

If today I decided to embark on the creation of a blog, to converse with you, to open myself to the world, to stop being afraid and to accept myself in the eyes of all. to make my voice, your voices, our voices heard. (unite my children)

Being different, being round, gives us no less rights or desires, we remain human beings with the same desires for fulfillment and as I explained it to you, I think that the self-fulfillment also passes by the fashion. Learning to love oneself is also learning to dress.

And yes it’s better to take a little account of its morphology but above all dress is fun, to find, to know each other, to discover beautiful and love each other!

That’s why my blog is called A & LY (pronounced AELY), indeed “ACCEPT AND LOVE YOURSELF” seems to me a message as universal as important. To love others, do not forget that you must first love yourself! And no, it’s not selfishness and yes, it can be an apprenticeship to realize that WE are our priority.

I hope you enjoy my blog and its philosophy, I also have a beautiful project under construction that I look forward to revealing you soon.

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